Penguins Mania

Penguins Mania 2.0

Attractive arcade game set in the arctic where you have to take care of penguins
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Penguins Mania is an attractive arcade game that takes place in the arctic, where you have to protect a family of penguins from the threatens that surround them. The objective is to take care of little penguins from the moment they are born, providing them with food and helping them survive in a hostile environment.
Your task is primarily to feed them until they become adults, and to do so you have to collect fish with your mouse and nourish them on time before they starve. As soon as you feed these little penguins and assure they are satisfied with the food, you receive coins that will allow you to complete the sum of money required per level, and also to buy objects and upgrades to protect the penguins from the new dangers of later levels.
Although at first the game is a bit slow and probably some gamers may find it repetitive, new levels will present more challenges, adding the gameplay more excitement and dynamism. It’s also worth mentioning that levels are set on different locations, with nice graphics and animations.
The game includes a well-explained set of instructions, and a detailed guide with information about the different types of fish and items that you are going to find along the adventure.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Easy to play
  • Nice graphics and sound
  • For kids and adults alike


  • Repetitive gameplay
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